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 28th GNU/Linux SIG Workshop proceedings on-line 

The proceedings of the 28th GNU/Linux SIG Workshop are now available on-line. The board is already planning the next Workshop, to be held sometimes in March next year. If you think you have an interesting topic to propose, please mail us info AT

The slides and other materials of the other Workshops are available here.

 Richard Stallman - The Free Software Movement 

  The OTA conference with Richard M. Stallman (February 18, 2002) was a success. His talk about The Free Software movement and the GNU/Linux Operating System covered all the main ideas and the philosophy of the movement he created.

For those of you who could not make it and also for those who would find this interesting, we asked (and obtained) permission to record his talk, and make it available through free software technology. So, here it is. (Netscape users: shift-leftclick to download!)

Conference talk by RMS (ogg audio file, 43M)

The reproduction of this talk is Copyright (C) 2002, The Open Technology Assembly. Verbatim copying and distribution of the entire speech recording are permitted providing this notice is preserved.

For other use, please contact info AT

Some other references:

 The creation of the UNIX Operating System 

The Bell Labs website presents a pretty detailed account of how Dennis Ritche and Ken Thompson developed the UNIX Operating System. A very interesting read! Follow this link...

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