Supporting Open Source

Does your project need a bit of help ? The Open Source Support Program by OTA will offer support for innovative projects.

History of Open Technology Assembly

Founded in 1987 as the Belgium Unix Users Group (BUUG) as a not-for profit organisation, OTA focussed on exchanging information amongst Unix users through conferences and newsletters.


With the advent of the internet the BUUG, in cooperation with the Katholieke Universiteit Leuven, delivered the first access to this internet via a European UNIX Network, named EUnet. A few years later EUnet became a separate commercial entity and became on the of the first Internet providers.


Linux quickly became one of the most popular Free Softwares. Many UNIX admistrators loved the possibility of running a powerful operating system on a household computer.

So a Special Interest Group was founded, providing workshops on using linux distributions and various software packages. Because internet access was still very slow we published multiple CD-ROM for our members.

In 1996 the BUUG was renamed to the Open Technology Assembly, focussing on the increasingly popular Open Source software model. And gradually the popularity of the internet replaced the need for local conferences.


Open Source Support Program

With the Open Source Support Program by OTA, we support creative Open Source projects.

Open Source and Free

Your project has to be open and free for the community. No strings attached. Share what you create.

It's about open hardware/software and ideas.

Not only development

Maybe you need a server to host your project. Or perhaps you want to organize an event. Thinking about building a prototypes? All may qualify!


If you are a Belgian not-for-profit organisation you may qualify for some financial support.

Submit your idea

Use our github project to share your ideas and see if gets some traction by the community.

Visit our github page

If you have an idea for a project, submit a github issue!!